Process planning

To implement food production and aquaculture facilities projects from scratch, especially those related to the construction of new buildings or renovation of the existing premises, the essential factor is the presence of a process plan. This document is the basis for architectural solutions and a source of information about the production type, service lines, equipment etc. for the construction workers. In turn, for the customer, the process plan is the realization of his requirements to equipment functionality, nature and quantity of the products, as well as the basis for a business plan.

Our company offers the services of process planning, both in the area of ​​food production and in the field of aquaculture facilities.

A standard process plan is a set of documents developed to the requirements under regulations EC No. 852 / 2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs, EC No. 853 / 2004, GOST and SanPIN regulations, and includes the following sections:


1. Introduction

1.1. Technical specifications of the production

1.2. Calculation of raw materials

1.3. Workflow, general description:

1.4. Workflow by product types

1.5. List of technological equipment

1.6. Technical specifications and energy consumption

1.7. Technical design assignment of GP section (general plan)

1.8. Technical design assignment of AR and CF (architecture and construction facilities) sections

1.9. Technical design assignment of W&S (water and sewage) section

1.10. Technical design assignment of H&V section (heating and ventilation)

1.11. Technical design assignment of section VT (vapor technology)

1.12. Technical design assignment WT section (water supply technology)

1.13. Technical design assignment GT section (Gas technology)

1.14. Technical design assignment RT section (Refrigeration equipment technology)

1.15. Technical design assignment sections EL and ELN (electric network)


2. Technological drawings

2.1. Location of process equipment

2.2. Process Flow Chart to W&S section

2.3. Process Flow Chart to AR and CF sections

2.4. Process Flow Chart to H&W section

2.5. Process Flow Chart to VT section

2.6. Process Flow Chart to WT section

2.7. Process Flow Chart to RT section  

2.8. Process Flow Chart to GT section

2.9. Flow Diagram

2.10. Process Flow Chart to EL and ELN sections

Depending on the customer’s wishes, the process plan documentation can be supplemented with assembly drawings, 3D models of premises, equipment, facilities, etc., as well as other documents and drawings.