Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety

In March 2006, REGRAND LLC was recognized as an entity competent in the occupational safety issues and is authorized to perform internal supervision of the working environment, as well as provide other services envisaged by occupational safety regulations on occupational safety in enterprises.

Based on the agreement with the customer, the entity that is competent in occupational safety issues sets up and maintains the occupational safety system in the enterprise, taking at least the following steps:

1) assess the risks of the enterprise working environment;

2) assess whether the company meets the requirements of the regulatory acts on occupational safety, as well as the related regulations (e.g. fire safety, safety at work with chemical substances and products, safety of using potentially dangerous equipment);

3) develop an occupational safety plan in order to prevent the open working environment risks or to reduce them to an acceptable level, as well as ensure compliance of the enterprise with the occupational safety requirements;

4) develop the occupational safety guidelines and other internal documents regulating occupational safety;

5) conduct training / coaching of the enterprise personnel in occupational safety and fire safety;

6) carry out measurement of lighting and microclimate in the workplace;

7) organize the mandatory health checks of the personnel;

8) conduct investigation of the accidents occurring in the enterprise;

9) monitor occupational safety regulations;

10) represent the interests of the customer with the State Labor Inspectorate;

11) provide other services relating to occupational safety.