Invitation to the exhibition WORLDFOOD MOSCOW 2016

Dear colleagues, partners and clients! We are looking forward to welcoming you on the premises of R125, Pavilion 7, Hall 5 of the international exhibition of food WORLDFOOD MOSCOW 2016 to be held on September 12-15, 2016 at Expocentre, Moscow. [more]

Representative office in Moscow

We are pleased to welcome new colleagues and certainly the customers in Russia. Our company has opened one more branch. Despite the fact that the Russian Federation is not a new area for us, in this case, we represent a full subsidiary of the parent company. We will be glad to meet you at our office at Moscow, 8 Academician Varga...[more]

Process plan of sturgeon breeding RAS

Our company has long been successfully involved in projects related to the attraction of co-financing from the funds of the European Council. Currently, in the framework of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) "Productive investments in aquaculture" the regular stage has been completed. On the instructions of the...[more]

Process plan of the sturgeon processing facility

The development of process plan of the facility for general processing of sturgeon is completed. A small-scale plant is provided for the reception, cutting, full cycle processing, packaging and storage. The list of products is very broad: fillets, steaks, frozen, fresh and smoked carcass, canned pates in glass, tin and plastic...[more]

Development of process plan of fish-canning manufacture is completed

In accordance with the terms of reference, we developed a process flow diagram for manufacture of canned “Sprat in oil” and the production of natural and blanched canned products in oil and tomato sauce. A process flow diagram for canning manufacture is designed according to the requirements of the European Parliament and European...[more]

Modular plant for fish farming based on the ultrasound technology

To meet the wishes of our customers, we have developed a standard project of a modular workshop for fish breeding based on the ultrasound technology. The advantages of this facility is that prior to the construction stage, the customer need only to agree and prepare a platform for development and bring the minimum necessary...[more]

Paste dosing and packaging line

As part of the modernization of existing production the European Fisheries Fund (EFF), our company has supplied equipment for dosing and packaging of fish paste, consisting of a precision dispenser of viscose products, automatic check way system and transporters set for the integration of the equipment into the existing production line.[more]

Surimi products manufacture successfully launched

One of the most ambitious projects of our company has been completed. An industrial facility with a total area of ​​over 2,000 square meters has been put into operation. The total estimated capacity is more than 1500 kg of product per hour. The assortment includes both crab sticks that are familiar to all and delicacy products: snow and...[more]

Flour packaging system

Within the framework of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) program “Investment in tangible assets,” our company delivered the flour packaging equipment, consisting of automatic packaging line in one-kilogram and two-kilogram paper bags with subsequent bulk packaging in shrink film at a semi-automatic...[more]

Modernization of existing facilities

Within the framework of the European Fund for Agricultural Development Programs (ELFLA) “Expansion of the production process,” and the European Fisheries Fund (EZF) “Creating added value of fish products,” our company has supplied equipment for automation of the dumpling production lines and a system of equipment for modernization of...[more]

Mobile slaughterhouse facility delivered to the customer!

A mobile slaughterhouse facility is delivered to the customer! Designed by our company together with AUTAVA company, a mobile slaughterhouse project for pigs and cattle on the basis of a biaxial car trailer has been implemented and delivered to the customer for testing in the "field" conditions. View video[more]

Dumpling line

Within the program of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) “Creating surplus value of agricultural products,” our company supplied and mounted an equipment system for the production of dumplings and modernization of plant production of sausage products. In addition to the equipment of automatic dumpling production...[more]

One more step toward the manufacture of surimi products

The development of the process plan of a full scale manufacturing facility is over. The finished products range from the usual crab sticks to exclusive snow crab in marinade. Estimated capacity is up to 1500 kg of product per hour.[more]

Process plan of canning production modernization

At the request of our client, we have developed and delivered to the customer a project for technological modernization of a canning workshop. The aim of the project was to expand the range of products and production certification in line with the requirements of the BRC and IFS. The current industrial complex has been significantly...[more]

Modernization of canning manufacture

Within the framework of the European Fisheries Fund’s program “Processing of fishery and aquaculture products,” our company has delivered and commissioned the following devices: - Automatic sealing machines for round packaging with a nominal capacity up to 125 cans per minute, with a set of conveyors for integration into production...[more]

A facility for breeding freshwater fish put into operation

The last stage of the commissioning of incubation complex for freshwater fish breeding. The estimated capacity of the facility – about 500,000 items of young fish per year, with the possibility of simultaneous incubation and keeping the young fish of warm water and cold-water fish species. View video[more]

A fish farming facility put into operation

The facility for breeding of valuable fish species using the ultrasound technology designed and mounted by our company has been successfully launched. The total area of the facility is ​​2,500 m², out of which the working area of ​​the water surface is 600 m². The complex consists of four separate production lines designed to grow...[more]

Meat processing production

Almost simultaneously, two full-cycle meat processing productions were commissioned. In the Republic of Belarus and Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation our company has designed, installed and commissioned the equipment for the primary processing, thermal processing and packaging, including: - Smoking chambers; - Tumblers; -...[more]