EU Projects

EU Projects

Drawing on the funds of the European Union structural funds for co-financing of projects of various kinds, including the food industry ones, has long been a convenient and popular financial tool for many manufacturers who are EU residents.

However, for practical implementation of such a subsidy mechanism one should be at ease with the ever-changing aspects of the legislation regulating this area.

Having experience in implementing more than 20 projects involving EU funds, we can confidently state that our experts and advisors are in a position to offer a highly professional solution for any assignment set.

Depending on the client's wishes and conditions, we take on the work either on individual stages of the procedure, or provide comprehensive project support, including:

- Collecting and providing information on current and planned co-financing programs that are potentially available for a particular company;

- Due Diligence procedure for an enterprise or a co-financing facility;

- development of a business plan;

- drawing applications for project financing, management and control of the necessary documentation in the project implementation period;

- preparation and carrying out public procurement procedures;

- preparation of accounting documentation and related procedures;

- advice and assistance in the search for a primary source of funding;

- advice and assistance in the search for related companies (design and architectural organizations, construction and insurance companies, accounting and auditing).